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Hello and welcome!  This cheesy website was created for my CISC 150 class at Mesa College.

Eccentric Inventions
About Kenji Kawakami
The Ten Tenets of Chindogu

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  "Unuseless" Japanese Inventions

The Japanese Art of Chindogu represents a collection of bizarre and brilliant gizmos and gadgets that have broken free from the chains of usefulness to enjoy the sublime liberation of the highly impractical.

Chindogu are designed to solve many of the niggling little problems of modern life at home, at work, at leisure (and while commuting between the three of them). The best thing about Chindogu is that they are real : all these inventions actually exist and have been made. But they must never be sold !
That would contravene one of the main rules of Chindogu.

The successful Chindoguist approaches his subject in much the same way as a serious inventor would : searching for an aspect of life that could somehow be rendered more convenient and concocting a method for making it so. Like the inventor, he discards those notions that clearly miss the mark, but unlike the inventor, he also abandons those ideas which will obviously work. Having tested and verified that his invention indeed wasn't worth the effort, the creator of the Chindogu will then congratulate himself on having successfully produced an  "unuseless" gadget.