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360º Panorama Camera

*For the all round view

A popular pastime amongst holiday photographers these days is the construction of the panoramic view.  Conventionally this is achieved by taking one picture of the view, turning a little bit, taking another, until the complete view has been covered.  It is, at best, an optimistic and inaccurate procedure which often yields patchy results.  The Panorama Camera puts panoramic photography on an altogether more dependable footing.  Seven outwardly pointing cameras are perfectly angled to ensure that all pictures will fit together neatly.  They are also fired simultaneously, highly disireable feature which eliminates the embarrassment of having, for example, the same bird flying through two different sections of the panorama.

For maximum enjoyment of your panarama, tape the seven pictures togther with the images facing inwards and place your head in the center of the loop.  Then revolve the loop slowly around your head.

(Excerpted from "101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions" by Kenji Kawakami; published 1995 by W.W. Norton & Co., NY)